As an engineer, we want you to pursue professional registration.

We Encourage Professional Development

DP Engineering works hard to maintain an environment where our employees can grow professionally and feel appreciated for their contributions. We are a rapidly growing company always looking for new engineers and technical personnel. Interns as well as other part-time university students are also desired.

You don't work for a company just for a paycheck. You expect to advance in your career, and you expect to continue learning as you work. At DP Engineering, new graduates are matched with a mentor to help them learn the ropes. We also have in-house training sessions so you can learn from your peers. Other opportunities to further your education are seminars and training sessions to keep you current in your field.

As an engineer, we want you to pursue professional registration. We offer a refresher course to help you prepare for the FE and PE exams, and pay for the annual training to keep you up to date with your required Professional Development Hours. 

Doing Good While Doing Well

We at DP Engineering understand that there is more to life than just working for a paycheck and getting what you want. We think it is important to help others where you can, and especially to help them help themselves. As Engineers, we have the means to help others in a multitude of ways. Doing Good While Doing Well reminds us that doing well as a company is great, but we also need to do good things. For example, DP Engineering supports the North Texas Chapter of Engineers Without Borders for projects in Bolivia, Honduras, and other countries. We encourage our employees to suggest other opportunities where we, as a company, can make a difference in the world.

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