DP Engineering keeps Quality Assurance a key priority.

Nuclear Quality Assurance Program

DP Engineering’s Nuclear Quality Assurance Program meets the requirements of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B. We are also proficient at completing managed task projects under our clients' QA programs. In these instances, DP Engineering provides training to DP personnel on the clients' programs and completes relevant client qualification cards. Client QA training can often be conducted in house by our staff who are certified as trainers/mentors. Quality Assurance is always a key priority.

Quality Assurance Program

We endeavor to establish a quality culture throughout our organization, reflecting pride in our work and the services we provide to our clients. The requirements and commitments contained in the QA Program are mandatory and must be implemented, enforced, and adhered to by all individuals. Employees are encouraged to actively participate in the continued development of the QA Program as well as its implementation. The DP Engineering QA Program is administered under the direction of the QA Manager, who reports directly to the President on any and all quality related matters. The QA Manager has direct access to the highest level of DP Engineering management and is required to make periodic reports to them regarding program effectiveness.


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