Salary and Benefits


DP Engineering employees enjoy competitive base salaries as well the potential for additional incentive pay. In addition to the financial benefits, a career with DP Engineering offers hands-on experience, flexible work hours, and additional job perks.

Our employees tell us that the best thing about working for DP Engineering is the atmosphere and the company culture. At DP Engineering, you can expect to be honestly appreciated and recognized for your contributions. You come to appreciate having coworkers that are dedicated to doing great work, meeting client requirements, and having some fun along the way.


One of the great things about DP Engineering is the benefits package we offer. We have a great health insurance program that covers our full time employees, their spouses, and their families. We also have long and short term disability, AD&D, life and dental insurance.

DP Engineering thinks employees should prepare for retirement by putting money aside. That's why we also have a great 401(k) plan, where the company contributes an amount equal to 3% of your salary for you, with no loss on your end. You are eligible for the 401(k) plan on your first day of employment, and you are 100% vested in the company contributions from day one.

To help with the inevitable expenses we are all faced with, we also offer flexible spending accounts so you can use pre-tax dollars for medical and dependent care costs.

We all need time off to relax and recharge, and DP Engineering recognizes that need. Of course, you will get paid holidays and generous paid time off commensurate with time of service.


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