Our Civil / Structural engineers perform analyses and design services for nuclear power plant structures, including support of plant systems and components.  Seismic analyses of plant structures, systems, and components (SSCs) are performed to meet each station’s licensing and design basis requirements.  Civil / Structural engineers are engaged in the majority of plant design modification projects.  Analyses and design include the qualification of piping and piping support systems to the requirements of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, B31 Power Piping Code, AISC and other codes and standards in accordance with each station’s licensing and design basis.  Piping and pipe support qualifications are performed utilizing software approved for use in accordance with each station’s license documents.  We evaluate and analyze both simple structures (such as component supports) to the more complex structures (such as nuclear plant auxiliary buildings) utilizing GT STRUDL® and other software.  We support station personnel with implementation activities with heavy load path and rigging evaluations.  In cooperation with Fire Protection engineering, fire and flood seals are evaluated and designed.

In addition to our in-house GT STRUDL® software, we are experienced in the use of our clients’ software utilized to analyze and modify SSCs at the individual stations.  Such software includes STAADTM, ME101TM, ME035TM, ME150TM, STARDYNETM, MFRAMES, STRUDLTM, MathCAD®, MatLAB®, FAPPSTM, and MAPPSTM.

Our civil / structural engineering staff maintain our technical edge through continuing education and service to industry organizations including ASCE and ASME.

Areas of service and expertise include:

  • Design and analysis of plant structures
  • Seismic analysis of systems, structures and components
  • Heavy load path evaluations
  • Structural design basis and licensing basis reconstitution and reviews
  • Rigging evaluations
  • Pipe support and pipe stress design and analysis
  • Design/analysis of suspended systems