Power plant mechanical systems are the focus of DP Engineering’s mechanical engineering team.  We work in all aspects of plant steam systems, cooling water system, pneumatic, as well as heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.  Our mechanical design engineering team is well versed in the design and license basis of these systems, and our design solutions seek to preserve these bases on behalf of Owners.  We endeavor to deliver compliant and cost-effective engineering solutions to our clients, from studies to seek the best solution, to equipment sizing and specification, through conceptual and detailed design and testing.  Throughout the engineering process we engage all affected engineering disciplines and keep our clients’ stakeholders informed and involved as they desire.  Our expertise includes areas of the “physical” – piping, pumps and valves; of the “analytical” – thermal, hydraulic, HVAC; and of “compliance” – Codes, standards and the Owners’ licensing bases.  Our mechanical engineering staff maintain our technical edge through continuing education and service to industry organizations including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Nuclear HVAC Utilities Group.

3D designed mechanical gears
Areas of Service and Expertise Include:
  • System Pressure and Temperature Calculations (Operating Modes)
  • Valve differential pressure calculations
  • Pressure locking and thermal binding evaluations
  • Systems evaluations for reducing the number of credited components to meet design basis requirements
  • Identification/evaluation of fluid systems/component performance margins.
  • Single point vulnerability studies
  • HVAC system design
  • Heating and cooling load analysis and system/component sizing calculations
  • Loss of HVAC analysis
  • Chiller/Component Specifications
  • System hydraulic model development (PIPE FLO®)
  • Heat exchanger performance evaluations
  • Water Hammer evaluations/investigation of fluid systems transients