Chris Davenport DP Engineering
Consulting Advisor

About Chris Davenport

Christopher A. Davenport is a Consulting Advisor. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states. Along with co-founder Steve Pellerin, Chris established DP Engineering Ltd. Co. in 1995. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1979, and has provided engineering support to nuclear power stations as well as other generation and industrial facilities since graduation. Chris is a member of ASME, ANS, NSPE and ASHRAE. He is an active member of the Nuclear HVAC Utilities Group, and serves on the industry advisory board for the Nuclear Engineering Minor at the University of Texas in Arlington. Chris’ career has included design engineering, project engineering, project management and supervision at an electric utility and at consulting engineering companies. He is a veteran of the US Navy. In his role as a Principal, Chris is actively involved in strategic planning, delivery of high quality engineering services, oversight of the quality of the technical work, improvement of internal processes, continuing education and professional development of staff and marketing of services.