Evans Heacock DP Engineering
Engineering Manager

About Evans Heacock

Evans Heacock, BSEE, received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1986. Mr. Heacock is a member of IEEE and serves on IEEE’s NPEC, SC-4. Mr. Heacock joined DP Engineering in April 2011 and is a Manager of Engineering. Mr. Heacock previously worked for over 5 years on the South Texas Project Units 3 & 4 expansions as the Electrical Design Supervisor and then was promoted to the Design Engineering Lead. In that capacity Mr. Heacock was responsible for Chapter 8 ͞Electric Power͟ of the FSAR which included the site specific description of the transmission system and switchyard and any departures to the certified design for the onsite power distribution system. As the Design Engineering Lead for Units 3 & 4, Mr. Heacock was responsible for the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering groups. Mr. Heacock worked as a senior consulting engineer for the STP Nuclear Operating Company (STPNOC) at Units 1 & 2 for 8 years. In that capacity Mr. Heacock was responsible for design change packages on 13.8/12.47/4.16kV and 480V switchgear, inverter replacements, DC systems, protective relaying, motor control centers, diesel generators, operability / reportability reviews and support during NRC audits. Mr. Heacock modeled the onsite power distribution system for STP Units 1 & 2 in ETAP and the DC distribution systems. Mr. Heacock was responsible for protective relay settings for the main generator, motors, large transformers and switchgear. Mr. Heacock interfaced with the transmission service providers for STP and the independent service provider for the region. Prior to joining STPNOC, Mr. Heacock worked for Duke Engineering and Services for 3 years performing design changes at River Bend Station, 3 years with EBASCO Services, Inc. during the completion of Watts Bar Unit 1, and TU Electric at Comanche Peak for approximately 6 years in design engineering.