Karl Becker DP Engineering
Project Manager

About Karl Becker

Karl Becker is a Senior Project Manager in the Fort Worth Office. Karl received his BS in Industrial Technology from the Humboldt State University in 1978.  Karl joined DP Engineering in June of 2015 and has managed electrical and mechanical projects at a variety of Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants across the United States including ANO, Palo Verde, River Bend Station, Waterford, Cooper,Nuclear Station and Comanche Peak.  Responsibilities have included simultaneous management of a variety of engineering, construction and consulting projects.  These projects were monitored to ensure that project teams would meet or exceed technical and commercial requirements.  Related tasks have included:

  • Defining business/technical requirements to conform to contract specifications and federal regulations;
  • Development of detailed schedules, resource requirements (personnel, materials and facilities) and budgets within areas of responsibility;
  • Integration of detailed schedules, resources; and budgets with upper level project plans;
  • Management and control of project change orders;
  • Performance of schedule and cost analysis;
  • Evaluation and reconciliation of critical path performance issues;
  • Identification of areas related to project risk and/or oversight;
  • Development of contingency plans to mitigate risk exposure;
  • Recruiting, hiring and control of project staffing to meet requirements; and
  • Providing administrative and technical direction to project personnel.