Ronnie Cole DP Engineering
Client Services Manager

About Ronnie Cole

Ronald E. (Ronnie) Cole is a Client Manager and Cyber Security Manager for DP Engineering in our Baton Rouge, La. office. He is a licensed professional engineer in La. with over 34 years of commercial nuclear plant engineering and information technology experience. In his current role, Mr. Cole leads our Baton Rouge, La. office and is actively engaged with the nuclear industry in the area of Cyber Security and Digital Upgrades. He participates in the NEI Cyber Security Task Force and the NITSL Cyber Security Working group and Digital Controls Subcommittee. For 28 years, Mr. Cole worked as a utility Engineering Manager/Supervisor and Information Technology Manager at an operating nuclear power plant responsible for the reliable functioning of most of the plant systems. He was also responsible for implementation of the Cyber Security program at the station under NEI 04-04 and was involved in development of fleet procedures and processes for compliance with NEI 08-09. During this time, he earned a Senior Reactor Operators Certification on a BWR6 plant.